Welcome to docufi!

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Welcome to docufi

As finance professionals, we are some of the hardest-working and talented professionals in the corporate world. We have education and experiences in business, physics, math, engineering (among others). We can build any financial model without using our mouse, or act as designers making beautiful presentations for Boards, investors, or any other stakeholder. We advise and guide our clients and business partners on the most important transactions of their lives.

So why does a typical M&A process take this talent and require 80 - 100 hours/week of mostly grueling work? We lose or shorten evenings, weekends, holidays, and vacations routinely. Our teams have high turnover. We spend our time moving logos, drafting memos and decks that really all look and feel the same. We organize VDRs by hand, and negotiate 100s of NDAs and send hundreds (or thousands) of custom emails in a week. Our talents are oftentimes not maximized because of this routine work that fills our day.

We believe there is a better way. Our belief is that humans should focus on their best work in finance, while offloading the routine work to AI.

Meet docufi — the marrying of AI and finance. Offload the work that is routine, and take your weekends back. Or if you are an MD or CFO, sign up that one more deal. Or make time for the 1:1 with a business partner who truly needs your expertise.

We are building our first version of docufi and expect to take on our first customers this fall. But are always up for a chat. Contact us to join the waitlist to be a customer or just to connect. We’d love to hear from you. Stay connected to us by subscribing to our blog as we detail more about how docufi works.