docufi is AI for Finance

Do your best work in investment banking and private equity. Let docufi's AI do the rest.

AI assisted first drafts

docufi can draft a teaser, CIP, CIM and other finance deliverables with our proprietary finance AI. We support both long-form text and presentation format

Collaborate and iterate

Our AI assistant incorporates changes from your whole team and collaborates with you, saving you time and improving quality

Distribute materials

Manage the entire M&A process, with help from our AI assistant (coming soon)

No more all nighters with docufi

Draft high-quality deliverables with AI

First drafts deliverables take minutes, not days or weeks


Never use a public AI chatbot again. Your information and deliverables are in our enterprise-grade secure cloud

Private information

Your job is to make sense of proprietary data, so is ours. Integrate your custom data for use with your deliverables

Verifiable sources

Generate and verify content based on your sources - we don’t hallucinate results

Smart workflows

Drafting finance deliverables is just the first step. Our smart workflows reduce busy work

Integrate feedback

Collaboration in finance goes with the job. Incorporate minor and major feedback collaboratively with your own finance AI assistant

A first draft is just the beginning

We know the pain points because we’ve done the job

Drafting marketing materials is the most time-consuming part of an M&A process, but isn’t the only part.

Drafting a CIP or CIM (and other investment memos) can be the most time consuming part of the job - which is why a first draft is drafted in minutes with docufi

No first draft will be a final draft. Our proprietary finance assistant collaborates with you and your team to tweak changes - automatically

Every team and company has its own style. Train your results to match your teams in docufi

Drafting memos and presentations is just the first problem we are tackling. AI-first distribution, communication, collaboration, analytics, diligence – all customized for finance – are coming soon

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